Botany conducts research, research training and graduate education on the world’s plants – their global diversity, evolution, geography, genomics, morphology, conservation, ecology and behavior. These studies are grounded in research collections of 400,000 specimens and their associated data. Research in Botany focuses on the flora of the Great Plains.

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Winter Orchids

When the cold winds of November tug the last leaves from the maples, basswoods, and elms, orchids probably are the farthest thing from most Kansans’ minds.  However, fall, winter, and...

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Craig Freeman performing research in Western Missouri Roads and Research

Last week's NYTimes article about roadkill got us thinking about how roads change the way scientists do research.  Roads are in part a great research tool because they provide easy access to...

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Botany at a Glance

Established: 1866
Collection Strengths: 400,000 specimens
Research Strengths:
Flora of the Great Plains
Curator in Charge:
Craig Freeman 785.864.3453
Mark Mort 785.864.5706
Collection Manager(s):
Caleb Morse 785.864.4493